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MAOs BLACKWOOD Cannabis Scented Candle


Pamper yourself with this natural shea butter and soy wax candle. MAOs Blackwood Cannabis Scented Candle smells like fresh cannabis leaves and is perfect for a romantic evening.

Natural candle made with soy wax and shea butter
150 grams

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Product Info MAOs Blackwood Cannabis Scented Candle

Add charm to your home at night with this luxurious candle. The fresh cannabis scent is complemented by cardamom, tonka and green tea notes. This blended aroma separates top notes, middle notes and bottom notes, meaning you will enjoy all the fragrances consecutively. Light it up at the beginning of the evening to take your mind to a whole new level of relaxation. Cherish the relaxing scents for hours. This cannabis scented candle is guaranteed to set a mood for the entire evening. Great to be enjoyed during a romantic stay-in with your loved one. This product uses natural extracts and is carcinogen-free. Each candle comes in a 150-gram jar.